Funny Junk
Jokes, amusing anecdotes, cartoons... we all have a collection of them. These are some of my favorites.

Political Humor

Some of these, believe it or not, are not true stories.

Top 10 Dumb Things George W. Bush Said in 2004
A White House Briefing in Progress

I Love Dogs

And the things they do are hysterical.

Open Letter to My Dogs

True Stories

True, or at least purported to be true.
I can neither confirm nor deny.

What do a bricklayer, a lawyer
and a kindergartener have in common?

Gift-Rap: A Christmas-themed rant that anybody can relate to.
Word of the Day (or What Bored Newspaper Writers Do For Fun)

Not-So-True Stories

True or not, they're still funny...

Short Stories - Volume I
What if operating systems were airlines?